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Your Brilliant You-Awakened

January 2012


Your Brilliant You–Awakened

/e’waken/  Becoming Aware of Something


We are all born with our own natural brilliance.   What is this brilliance?  It is your own unique way of viewing the world coupled with your natural ability to find and use creative solutions to your everyday problems.   When you are faced with a problem and you come up grand solution, that is your natural brilliance at work!

Over the years your brilliance can hide under the layers of listening and following what others tell you to do.  Gradually you come to believe that others really know what is better for your life and your business than you do.   You begin to trust the opinions of others more than you trust yourself.  You make decisions based on what others tell you rather than what you really want.  You lose confidence in your  decision-making abilities and yourself. You go through the motions of life and wonder where are the excitement and fun.  When this happens your brilliance sleeps.

So what do you do when you realize that your brilliance has been in a deep slumber?  You start re-discovering what it is you want.  When you know what you want, you can take conscious steps to make sure you bring your natural brilliance back into your life!

5 Steps to Awaken Your Brilliance and Shine

1. AWARENESS: Every single day take notice of something that pleases you, something that you like, something that you wish you had in your life. Consider areas asyour health, work, home and your relationships. Write these observations down for one week.

2. REFLECT: At the end of the week, take your list and reflect upon what you observed. Based on your awareness,specifically write out 5 things that you want.

3. DECIDE: Why do you want these things in your life?  What will they give you?   What is important about these things to you?The more your can write the why in a feeling state, the bigger impact it creates.

4. OPPORTUNITIES: Now that you know some of the things you want in your life and why, look around to see what already exists.   What is right in front of you that serves as an opportunity for you to get what you want from your life.Get curious and ask yourself how you can use theseopportunities in a different way to share, practice and bring forth your natural brilliance.

5. PLAN: Create your personal action steps. Each day consciously to do something differentlythan what you have always done previously.  Create a new solution to an old problem.Change your view from “I have to” to “I get to”. As you move from becoming a passive observer ofyour life to an active participant, your brilliance will awaken to the many possibilities that you have to offer your life !


It can be challenging to find clarity and re-discover what it is that you want, butwhen people get clear about what they want and are awakened to what is possible, their lives dramatically improve.

To help spread the love for the month of Feb 2012, I am offering a complementary strategy session to help you get clear on what you want so that you can love your work…love your life. To apply for the strategy session, please fill out your contact information and we will respond to you with the details.