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Your Brilliant You-Turning Point

February 2012

Your Brilliant You–Turning Point
turn·ing point: A time at which a decisive change in a situation occurs

It is sometimes easy to skip over and ignore the obstacles that face us by telling ourselves that this is just the way things are, there is nothing I can do to change the situation, or because of these reasons it feels impossible to move forward and make changes. Until we take a moment to ask ourselves what obstacles are, we may never even notice that they are there! We go on as usual with life and business wondering why things feel so hard.woman-on-dock

This month we are doing a diagnostic check-up of obstacles to discover if there are turning point opportunities for you!

1. Commit to taking 15 minutes for yourself. Find a quiet spot  where you will not be interrupted. Settle into your favorite spot and breathe deeply to calm your mind and open your heart.

2. Direct your thoughts to “Where am I feeling a negative emotion such as being frustrated, disappointed, angry, sad?" It may in relationships with people you care about, your job, career, or business, your home, or in your physical body.

3. For whatever topic comes up for you, make a short list of your negative thoughts (also known as obstacles).

4. For each thought, write down what the opposite of this would be? What do you want instead?

5. For each instead answer, ask the question why do you want this?  Write this down.

This 5-step process helps you to focus on what is important and most immediate right now.  You literally have a picture of what the obstacle is, what you want instead, and why you want this.  When you direct your attention to what you do want instead you begin to gain clarity and get the creative juices flowing again.  You have created holes in the brick wall of your thinking.  Clarity of your opportunities. Allow youself to decide how you want to use these to create your own turning point.