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Your Brilliant You-Too!

March 2012

Your Brilliant You–Too!

too [too]: to an excessive extent or degree; beyond what is desirable, fitting or right

choicesWe lead busy lives. We lead complex lives. As a result, we juggle many roles. These roles range from business owner to business professional to mother to partner to parent to child.  There is no doubt that some combination of these roles will occasionally give us that TOO MUCH Of EVERYTHING feeling.

If you have the TOO MUCH OF EVERYTHING feeling all the time, now is the perfect time to step back and ask why?

Women in particular end up with the TOO MUCH OF EVERYTHING feeling because we tend to take on everything without thinking twice. We think that this is just the way that it is, that is my role. That is what have learned, experienced, and done. Take it all on.

If a major problem can be easily solved, do we go with the easy solution? Sometimes yes, but most of the time no, which gets our minds spinning. We over think and second guess ourselves. We think, “wait a minute, have I thought about this and all the what-ifs? How will it happen, and what does this mean, and who will do it, what if it does not work out?” And these thoughts end up in spinning in our heads for days.

All this spinning leads to a life where were we frequently feel overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated, unhappy, cranky and controlling. And then we interfere. We tell others what to do, how to do it, and when to do it and usually expect that it looks perfect. And then we maybe even re-do it ourselves. Does that sound familiar?

This interference leads to something more serious. We don’t let people solve their own problems. We correct their work because we can do it quicker, better and smarter. This sends the unintentional message that they cannot do it.  We rob others of opportunities to grow and try new things, to learn and feel good about themselves, to fail and pick themselves up again and to do it with confidence and ease.

The TOO MUCH OF EVERYTHING feeling is like getting ready to go on a trip. You are on the way out the door, already running a bit late, and you keep doing just one more thing…the dog, the kids, the luggage tags, the second set of directions, the airline tickets, the keys, the passport, and on and on and on. And when you have finally taken care of all those “one last things” you’ve missed your flight.

quiz-iconIs your TOO MUCH OF EVERYTHING leading you in the direction of missing out on important things in your life? Are you focusing on everything you have to do? Are you not seeing how others can help you? Are you missing out on glorious opportunities along the way? Are you especially missing out on the opportunity to  decide how you want to show up in your own life?

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