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Uncover Your Brilliant You

May 2012

Uncover Your Brilliant You
uncover [un·cov·er]: to reveal or disclose

mayflowerSome of my best ideas come to me when I am playing in my garden.  As I uncovered my sleepy plants, and saw their new growth sprouting, I was instantly inspired to write this month’s newsletter article. Uncover to discover Your Brilliant You!

We can be dormant, going through the motions of our everyday routine when all of the sudden something sparks the genius that lies within us and springs us into action. It could be a thought, word, or idea. It could be something that someone says or does. Whatever the inspiration, we realize that the old leaves need to be shed so that we can start sprouting into our own brilliance and our new leaves can emerge.  Thus begins the process of uncovering to discovering.

Brilliance is about allowing the uncovering and embracing the discovering. Your brilliance is there. Sometimes it just needs to be uncovered.

How to Uncover to Discover Your Brilliance
For this visualization exercise you will need a pen, a piece of paper and an open mind.

Imagine yourself being as a little sleepy plant.  You’ve had a long winter of resting and now the sun comes out to warm you, to encourage your growth into the next season.  As the fall leaves are gently being removed from around you, what new growth do you see? A picture is worth a million words.  Take a moment to jot down the first ideas that come to your mind.

Now, create a picture in your mind of what you want to grow into.

Now, write down the words to complete these sentences.

I am a brilliant person who wants to……….
I need to uncover…
In order to discover…

Now add these words to your picture.

As you look at your picture and words and move towards discovery, ask yourself:

1. Do you think you are the only flower in the garden?  Do you think you need to grow alone?

Sometimes you need to uncover  the doing it alone belief  only to discover there are many talented people who are willing to help you if you allow it. All you need to do is ask. Sometimes you are too close to what you do to see where others can help. You cannot be the master of it all. Ask for help.


2.  Do you think that you are the most important flower in the garden…that you know it all?  What happens to the know it all?  They get stuck in only their perspective, their solution, what they know.  How helpful is this when you need different solutions to new challenges?

Sometimes we are so close to our profession and business to see the forest from the trees.  We are too vested in our own ideas to see the opportunities. Too stuck to discover that a team of trusted advisors can help us travel the unknown road.


3. Do you know the flowers from the weeds?  Do you surround yourself with people who will listen, encourage, and support  you?

People can feed our innovations. Innovation is one of the success characteristics that sets you apart from the crowd, as a professional and entrepreneur. To create possibilities and to see things as other so not see them and have the courage and believe act on them is your brilliance in action.  If you do not have this, get a mentor, maybe several!

To lead and create an amazing impact in your business and life…..go forth with the best tools and equipment you have.  Uncover and discover Your Brilliant You!