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Celebrate Your Brilliant You

July 2012

Celebrate Your Brilliant You
celebrate [cel·e·brate]: to observe a notable occasion with festivities

Half of 2012 is over and the best half is yet to begin. I did a review of my goals and my eyes quickly went to all those things that are undone. Why is it so easy to focus on what’s not done instead of laughing joyfully at what went well? Maybe it’s the humbleness in all of us. Maybe it’s that we are taught not to toot our own horn, otherwise scornfully looked upon as bragging. Maybe it’s that we think it can always do it better. Maybe it’s the stories we make up and tell ourselves that it’s not possible or too scary to take risks. No matter what it is, the truth is that it is easier to skip over what has gone well, how we have changed and grown, and how we have made steps to better our lives and business than it is to acknowledge ourselves and to celebrate our success!

I am declaring July "Your Brilliant You: Celebration Month."
Here are a few things that I am celebrating:

I Celebrate the independence of our country. Without freedom and all the people who daily sacrifice their lives for us, we could not be a nation of free speech, ideas, and opportunities to pursue our own happiness.

I Celebrate my readers for wanting to find your Brilliance. For stepping up and stepping out to share yourselves and your gifts with the world instead of hiding behind your great ideas that never quite got into action.

I Celebrate the birthday of this Your Brilliant You Newsletter. One year ago, with shakey hands and butterflies in my stomach, I launched this newsletter. I chuckle now, but back a year ago there was self doubt about the importance and impact; there was a nervousness about putting myself out there for people to see and read; and the biggest challenge was to just do it and trust that I would learn to course correct as time went on.  

I Celebrate the family, friends, colleagues, and clients in my life. It is truly amazing to see the transformation these people have made and how the zest for living and teaching others to do the same creates waves of happiness, purpose, love and contentment with whatever shows up in life and business.

What will you celebrate this month?
Think back over the past few months and ask yourself: what is 1 thing you wanted to be different? How far have you come? Remember it is in the daily doing, not the pursuit of perfection! What is there left to do? Who will help you along the way to stay true to what you want? What will you do to really acknowledge the steps you have taken?

Leave me a note in the contact section about your celebration. Next month I will share these results as we talk about Your Brilliant You: Recognized!