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4 Easy Ways to Ask For Help

October 2012

4 Easy Ways to Ask For Help
help /help/: Aid or assistance.

"Be strong enough to stand alone
Smart enough to know when you need help
And brave enough to ask for it.”  Author Unknown

How often have you hesitated to ask for help?

This inability or unwillingness to ask for help is a disease that plagues so many of us. It’s that idea that somehow you should already know how to do everything in your business and your life.   This thinking can trip us up and keep us stuck and frustrated.

Sometimes we are too embarrassed to ask.  Sometimes we worry people will say no.  Sometimes we think that if we continue to do what we are doing and just wait, things will work out.  Sometimes we are just too close to our own situation to clearly see what we need.  And the one thing that we do not do is ask for help.

Last week I launched a teleseminar.  I had this task on my take action list for over a year. I had all the information but did not know how to do it.   And thus, I did not ask for help.  When finally did ask for help a took a years worth of thinking was done in just a few weeks.

This experience taught me a lot about asking for help. The key is to recognize that most happy and successful people ask for help and have a willingness to do whatever it takes to reach your goals.


Here are 4 tips on how to ask for help the right way.

1.) Prepare yourself . Rather than rambling on about your whole story and irrelevant details, get clear on what you need help with. Do your homework so that you can specifically describe your challenge and the kind of help your are requesting such as brainstorming,  a specific problem resolution, support, or identifying resources.

2.) Set the stage. Set up an appointment.  This includes a time, place, topic and the expected duration of the meeting. Don’t blindside people with your request.

3.) Show up real and open for all that you can learn. Be honest and clearly communicate your challenge. Listen and put aside any preconceived ideas of why this will not work. Ask questions to clarify points or expand on an idea. If you make a request always give the option for the other person to say either yes or no with grace and dignity. Remember that most people like to be asked for help and willing share their time and expertise.

4.)  Show your appreciation and gratitude. Most people like to be asked for help and willing share their time and expertise.  Always thank them and let them know how they were helpful to you.  A hand written thank you goes a long way. Helping one another is a circle.  Next time you are asked for help remember how you can extend that to others.

Where do you need more support in your business life?  Not quite sure?  It may be somewhere you feel stalled, stuck, or overwhelmed.

I have set aside 10 hours in November for free strategy session calls. If you could use some help or want to know more, just send me an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and help is on the way!