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When the Brilliance Dims

April 2013

When the Brilliance Dims. And What to Do.

/les·son/: something learned by study or experience

"A true expert distills the complex into to simple.“
- Unknown

Recently my lights went out, the power and brilliance in me turned into darkness.  It is a simple story with a simple lesson.

A delicious mastermind group that I am conducting had only a few members show up.  I had the information that members would be absent because of life (social happenings, work conflict,business woman professional silhouette blue thinking vacation plans-all totally reasonable).  The call went well, but what did not go well was the aftermath that sent me into a tailspin.

Out of nowhere the old story that there must have been something that I did wrong. And the story grew larger to martyrdom, I worked so hard and what is the payoff. Then it really started spinning out of control to self depreciation and no one loves me. I ended up feeling deflated and ready to give up. The word job even entered my mind.  Ouch!

It felt like despair and victimhood.  A feeling that I knew well from the past and told myself that was not the case, I had outgrown it.  On the inside this rebellious five year old came forth and having the time of her life.  She said, stop everything and do what you want.  And I stopped it all.  I stopped following my schedule, I stopped calling people, I stopped doing what has made me happy and successful, I stopped it all.

Can you relate to lights going out of your brilliance?

I wallowed in this for a few days…yes 3 days to be exact.  Then I decided to do the work that I ask my client to do.   Paradigm shifting.  It is simple, but not always easy.

It goes like this.

  1. What is the story you are telling yourself?

  2. How is this impacting you business and life?

  3. What are the beliefs that are driving this?

  4. What do you need to believe instead to move forward?

Because I was willing to apply this to me, “be my own client” I then moved past this with the light fully shining on.  The results I experienced first hand for myself mirrored that of my clients.  With my heart filled with self confidence and humility, I was able to be me, the real me, authentically owning my darkness, and being grateful for it.  From that place of darkness I learned, trusted, and made different decisions.  It taught me how to stand in me .  With that simple shift, everything changed.   I happily had my mojo back and enrolled  4 clients into a new group program and signed on two new VIP clients.

Funny thing is, had I not allowed the darkness, I never would have known that brilliance that lies within me (and I know  is within you).

I share this with you because I believe that you can do this too.  You can do this yourself, with a trusted friend, and if you want assistance with this let me know.

You can This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will talk.