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Blurred Boundaries Will Bleed Your Business and Life

January 2014

I am reaching out to you because along the way we have connected on our journey of business and personal development.  Every month I will be providing you with articles and tips about what’s important to you.

As we grow and evolve so does our business and life.  The transformation I have experienced this last year is growing form a life coach to a business coach who takes the whole picture of life and business and specializes in helpingbusiness-truth-1professionals and entrepreneurs “Empower the Amazing You”  to grow your business that is in alignment with your purpose to reach that 6 figure mark and beyond.

When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch up.

By nature women are caretakers, nurturers, and feel safe and secure in the things you can do, predict and control. When you take on more, you tolerate more.  Without even thinking about it, you may be giving away a lor of your time, energy and money without even knowing it.  When that happens, boundaries become blurred.  You run on auto pilot, rather than pursuing the things that grow ourselves and business.

We cave into what others want from us because we feel responsible for other people’s feeling and expectations

  • We are afraid of what others might say about us if we say no

  • We feel guilty because if you don’t do it, who will

  • We feel afraid to ask for help and support from others

  • Wear a badge of  honor that we can do it all, even at own expense

The key to turning this around starts with understanding and getting downright honest with yourself what you are tolerating. Tolerations can be sneaky and creep into our business and life.


3 Ways to Discover What You are Tolerating.

  1. For one week keep a list of what you are tolerating, big or small it does not matter.  Pay attention to those things that feel annoying or  where you are feeling obligated.  Look at your calendar or to do list to determine what is pulling you forward and what are pesky things that consume your time.

  2. Pick the top three tolerations and put a pencil to the paper.  Evaluate what this is costing you.  Translate the cost to time and money.  How much time do you spend doing this activity and multiply that times your hourly rate.   When you translate that to a number, it is a real wake up call.

  3. Time to make a decision.  Are you committed to keeping these tolerations in place or are you willing to step up and take action to change this?  List out the actions that are required and set your  timeframe to do this.  Action speak louder than words on a paper!

What you tolerate and the boundaries you set us your choice and decision every step of the way.  It starts with you respecting and managing your most precious resources which are you, your time and your money.

Are you ready to respect your no, because if you do, others will respect it also. Contact me to set up a complimentary strategy session to determine how you can solve your biggest challenge.

Stay Warm,
Mary Schmid
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