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Hurry Up Now, I Am Patiently Waiting!

August 2011

How often have you been reminded of the saying Patience is a Virtue when you were frustrated and things were not going your way? Or when you are super excited about something that is about to happen and it’s not happening quickly enough? This is impatience.


10 Signs Impatience is Creating Chatter in Your Head
1. You are frustrated with things not going as fast as you wanted it to go.
2. You think that my time is more important than yours.
3. You want it right now.
4. You don’t feel in control.
5. You feel like you hands are tied.
6. You ignore the gains and focus on what has not been done.
7. You are in a hurry and neglect to count your blessings.
8. You are resentful towards those you think are slow to change.
9. You are attached to your agenda as the most important goal.
10. You see things mostly from your viewpoint.

As professionals we are not strangers with experiencing impatience.    Often times it can have negative influence in our work and life.  Underlying the feeling of impatience are beliefs that limit our effectiveness.  These beliefs have us telling ourselves things like “I don’t have the time to do everything or “someone else can do this better,” or “my way is the right way and others just need to get on board with it,” or “if I don’t do it now I will never have this opportunity again.”

So let’s talk about a hypothetical situation.  Jane is the president of her networking organization.  She has great ideas on how to improve the education of its members. And she wants it done now!   The membership committee wanted to think things through.

She thinks: "They are so stuck in their ways.  We need change and we need it now.”

The Committee thinks: “We need some time to figure out how to best present this to make sure this is understood by from the membership.”

When thinking about her feelings of impatience, frustration, and being thwarted, Jane discovered it was her belief that time was running out to get things done.  She wanted to leave her legacy as an effective leader, who got things done.  This belief was driving her impatience.  She made a conscious decision that that working with people, not imposing her will was the better way to contribute…she changed her belief from: “If we don’t do it now we will lose our momentum, TO even though it is not on my timeline,  the process will lead us to a more powerful change.”

So…How do we unplug from the noise of impatience?

Awareness: Know that these beliefs are red flags that our emotional life is on autopilot.  It signals that we are reacting to a situation because that is what we were taught and it’s what we know from our experiences.

Recognize that we have something to do with this.  Emotions are an attempt to express what we believe.  We believe what we have experienced.  To create a course correction, we need to create a new experience.

Choose change:
We can create a new experience.  We can slow down, determine the change your desire to create, not jump to assumptions, and commit do things differently.

Rediscovering and creating your own brilliance is about learning how to be adaptable in seeing things as they currently are.  It is about identifying what influences your assumptions and ideas.  When you have awareness and understanding you are at choice and empowered to redefine your beliefs. Change your beliefs and you will change your actions and you will change your results.

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