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Unplug from Busy

September 2011

"Your ability to choose between the important and unimportant is the key determinant of your success in life and work." - Brian Tracey

We all have different levels of tolerance and explanations of busy. Somewhere in all of this complicated scheduling, beliefs about busy pop up.  Have you ever thought to yourself that the busier you are, the better you are? Well, at least I am doing something.  The “busier is great” mentality means I have great ability to keep doing more and I am strong.  But here’s the catch.

Unless your work is leading you toward your overall gameplan and meeting the goals for your business and life, you may be busy but not productive.  If your work is for the sake of feeling busy and not leading toward clear outcomes, busy can distract you from what really matters and what really needs to get done.  And when distractions take the form of busy, we are just kidding ourselves that we are making progress.


How to to unplug from the busy and get on with productive!
Let’s evaluate your busy.  Take out your calendar for this month.   As you review all that you have scheduled for this month, ask yourself these questions.

What are my goals for this month, week, and day?
Am I filling up days with activities that are fun but not that important?
What is the challenging work that helps grow my business and myself?
Am I just going with whatever shows up or do I have a plan?

At the beginning of each day, before you start your work, review your calendar and make a plan.

1. What is important today?  What is my priority? Is this the best use of my time?
2. Highlight the priority and work that is critical.
3. Do that work first.
4. After the priority work is completed, you get to do the less critical.
5. At the end of the day evaluate your accomplishments and make your plans for the next day.
6. Could you take more control of your schedule if you really wanted to?

Over the next month I challenge you to use this system to help you get clear on what is important and set your intentions to accomplish the important work while letting the less important go. This will get you into the productive mode to do the work that gets you results in your life and business.  I would like to hear you comments on how you unplugged from the busy. Click here to Email Me!  I will let you know the results in next month’s newsletter!