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Business Coaching Success Stories

“Through Mary Schmid, my life and business are almost unrecognizable.  I have developed systems to operate more efficiently, my business has doubled, and fear has been replaced with calm confidence.  I love my life and am awakening to possibilities I never considered before. Life is better than good: it’s great!  Mary Schmid is incredible.”
Cindy Meuwissen, Professional Stager

“Mary's expertise in one-on-one coaching has provided me the tools necessary to cultivate smooth transition and transformation at life's most daunting moments. Together we visualized a unique future and positive plan that successfully produced both short and long term outcomes. The creative foundation we curated and constructed has kept me on course to fulfill my life's passion and purpose.”
Pete Driessen, Visual Artist/Painter

“Through Mary’s motivating approach I was able to see through the ‘fog’ and get back to the basics of who I am, what I stand for, and what I want out of life.  Mary talks to you as a friend and has a genuine caring for you to be the best you can be.”
Dawn Knorr, Sr. PLM Analyst,  Product Delivery

“Not a day that goes by that I don’t think of Mary Schmid. She helped me define my goals, assess what was present in my life and what was missing.  Then she taught me how to use systems to get tasks done, therefore creating space for what was missing.  She is passionate about helping people have a more full life.”
Pam McDonald, Entrepreneur, Hair Stylist

“Mary helped inspire the confidence I needed to make the leap from a 200 square foot office to a 1,400 square foot practice that is flourishing. I can’t recommend her enough!”
Ashley Elmer D.C., Avalon Chiropractic

“Mary’s sharp vision, her professional work and her gentleness to guide me was a life changer. She took me on a road where I learned things about myself I didn’t know. I learned how to believe in me, how to optimize my strengths and identify my fears so that I could silence them and face them as needed.”
Ana Luisa Fajer, Cónsul de México

"Mary provides the tools and know-how for any professional to take his or her business to the next level. Entrepreneurship is learned, not an innate quality one is born with. I was operating my start up business using the ‘trial and error’ method. Mary created an individualized plan for me, including benchmarks and accountability. I was rudderless, and now I know where I'm going and how I'm going to get there. In terms of expertise, empathy, dependability and value, Mary is second to none. She's earned my highest, unqualified recommendation."
Charles Horowitz, Attorney at Law

“Instead of spinning my wheels and wondering why things did not turn out, I am moving forward to the next stage, and my life and business are expanding in marvelous ways.”
Gizelle Erickson, Radio Host, Actress and Massage Therapist


“I am using what I am learning with my children and the entire family has benefited.”
Jolene Montoya, Full Time Mom and Part Time Administrative Assistant


“I have finally space for personal time in my schedule which is filled with unpredictability.  And on top of that Mary has helped me to expand my thinking and get out of the chaos.  For the first time in years I took a much needed vacation without worry and being plugged into work 24/7.”
Amy Deckas, Realtor